Preparation and Pre-fast Cleanse

As you may have picked up, I believe in preparing and planning ahead as much as I can. (Do I hear whispers of “Yeah we know . . . control freak!”)

Especially when it’s something this challenging that I’ve not done before. So I turned to my many resources and decided to follow along with Dr Group’s recommendations to fully cleanse the bowel prior to the fast. Outlined below is the plan I used to prepare for the fast:


4 weeks before

  • Start to eliminate any addictive substances, such as caffeine, chocolate, sugar, alcohol, etc.

  • Gradually begin to reduce any medications

  • Research and purchase supplements for the pre-fast and re-feeding

  • Purchase supplies like the blood glucose + ketone monitor and source best place to buy the strips

  • Create a simple workbook in which to record my stats and journal my daily progress

2 weeks before

  • Continue the process of eliminating caffeine + medications, PLUS any dairy and grains

  • Source organic fruits and start to gather for the pre-fast cleanse

  • Get mentally prepared by focusing on my WHY and INTENTIONS for this fast, and write in the workbook

  • Visit my medical practitioner (as typically recommended) to discuss what I’m doing and possibly get some appropriate blood work done

  • [NOTE: I did see my GP but she was not particularly impressed with what I was undertaking and actually cautioned strongly against it. Oh well!]



  • Organic Apple Cidar Vinegar (ACV)

  • Pureau water, 4 litres per day of colon cleanse

  • 3 organic lemons

  • Organic Aloe Vera Juice

  • 1 bottle of Oxy-Powder

  • 1 bottle of Latero-Flora

  • Himalayan Crystal Salt

  • Cayenne pepper

  • Black pepper

  • Organic fresh fruit

    • apples

    • avocados

    • bananas

    • blackberries

    • blueberries

    • grapefruit

    • oranges

    • mangoes

    • pineapple

    • raspberries

    • starwberries

    • tomatoes

    • white grapes

colon cleanse “cocktail” to prepare each morning

  • Add to a large glass container (I got a 3.8 litre one with a tap at the bottom from K-mart for $10) the following ingredients:

    • 2 tbsp of the ACV

    • 1/4 cup of Aloe Vera juice

    • The juice of 1/2 lemon

  • Fill to the top with Pureau water and mix well

instructions for the colon cleanse

Do the same routine every day for 6 days. [Note: I only had sufficient time to do this for 4 days which seems to have worked fine for me.]

upon waking

  • Make up the “cocktail” and drink 2.5 glasses from then until breakfast


  • Eat as much fruit as you can until you are full but eat only 1 type of fruit!

  • Choose between grapefruit, white grapes, pineapple or oranges. If not in season, replace with apples or bananas

  • Take 3 capsules of Latero-Flora

  • Consume another 2.5 glasses of the “cocktail” before the mid-morning snack

mid-morning snack

  • Again, eat as much fruit as you can until you are full, again only eating 1 type of fruit

  • Choose between blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries. If not in season, replace with apples or bananas

  • Consume another 2.5 glasses of the “cocktail” before lunch


  • Same again, eat as much fruit as you can until you are full, eating only 1 type of fruit

  • Choose between apples or bananas

  • Consume another 2.5 glasses of the “cocktail” before the mid-afternoon snack

mid-afternoon snack

  • Same again, eat as much fruit as you can until you are full, eating only 1 type of fruit

  • Choose between grapefruit, white grapes, pineapple or oranges

  • Consume another 2.5 glasses of the “cocktail” before dinner


  • Finally, I’m sure you know what’s coming - same again and only 1 type of fruit

  • This time though you get to choose between avocados or tomatoes, vine-ripened is best. (Yah! something more savoury!) And these can be seasoned with fresh lime juice, Himalayan salt, cayenne or black pepper

  • Consume another 2.5 glasses of the “cocktail” before bedtime

before bedtime

  • Take 6 capsules of Oxy-Powder with the remaining “cocktail”

  • [Important to note: If you do not achieve 3 to 5 bowel movements (BMs) the following day, increase the quantity of capsules by 2 each night until you do achieve that number. Then stay at that quantity of capsules throughout the remaining days of the colon cleanse. However, if you do experience 6 or more BMs the following day, reduce the quantity by 2 capsules per night until you achieve the recommended 3 to 5 daily BMs.]


Overall, gathering the supplies together and doing the cleanse itself was pretty easy. Having a repetitive routine every day for the 4 days I did the cleanse made it super easy.

Sourcing the the supplements made by Global Healing Centre required a bit more research. I emailed them and they very kindly supplied me with a list of distributors of their products here in Australia.

Eventually I stumbled across a different supplier who has the whole range of Dr Group’s supplements. Very relieved that I didn’t have to go through the added expense of obtaining them from the United States afterall.

For the Blood Glucose + Ketone Monitor I purchased the Freestyle Optium Neo, which I have found very easy to learn and use.

how i felt

I found the effects of the supplements on my bowel amazingly comfortable and excellent quality products. Having a sensitive bowel for many years I’m always wary of these types of supplements but oveall they achieved the desired result for which I was very grateful.

Given that I was still working during this pre-fast cleanse, I did find Days 2 and 3 particularly gruelling. I was extremely tired and lethargic with bad headaches, all signs of the detox happening. On the upside, it made the transition into the actual fast easier as I really didn’t experience major headaches as I had anticipated.

stay tuned to check out all the logs of my fasting journey! :)