Fasting Log: Days 7 - 10

Welcome back to the next few days log. Stats are below:


day BP weight glucose ketones

7 127/66 56.3 kg 5.0 6.3

8 115/67 55.7 kg 4.9 6.3

9 139/78 55.5 kg 5.2 6.8

10 118/66 55.1 kg 4.9 6.7




Day 7 Another poor night’s sleep but, despite that, felt remarkably energised. The mellow, slowness of the past few days seems to have passed. Was able to take another brief walk around the block without the usual exhaustion by the end. Sinuses still bleeding and still feeling chilled, despite being in the middle of a hideously hot summer here in Sydney. Been feeling a few pangs of hunger but I just ignore them and they go away.

Day 8 Nothing particularly different to report. Sinuses still ongoing and feeling cold. Managed a lovely walk in the cool of the early morning before the heat of the day hit. Felt good afterward and more energised overall.

Day 9 Nausea has spiked again today. Feeling generally like crap, as very little sleep again and sinuses still ongoing. Find that lying down is the best way to combat the nausea and general feeling of not being at all well. Went to bed very early as chronically sleepy but not sleeping still.

Day 10 Despite more poor sleep (what else is new?!) I actually didn’t feel too bad today so made a plan to take myself off to the local shopping centre to walk in the cool air conditioning. Also it was in the hope that getting a bit more exercise may help the sleep deprivation situation. Napped later in the afternoon which gave me an incredible burst of energy, the first since this all began. Felt almost normal and as though I’d turned a corner back to normal functioning. Will see if that lasts!


Day 7 Again, feeling challenged to keep going to get my blog ready for launch on 1 January 2019. Brain feels so fatigued but I keep driving myself to get it done. Why??? Does anyone out there even care?

Day 8 Managed to do some work on the blog in the afternoon after a nap, although even minimal computer screentime still exhausts me.

Day 9 Didn’t have any energy to look at a computer today so didn’t. Brain so very weary along with the body.

Day 10 Not much different to the previous days of brain fatigue and fog. I find I’m often confused and forget things easily - so not like me — which has me both bemused and frustrated.


Day 7 Today was probably my lowest day emotionally. Feeling so stressed and overwhelmed by this blog launch deadline I’ve set for myself. Its become so obvious how much I drive myself to achieve, often to my own detriment, and all to avoid the feeling of absolute failure if I don’t launch on time. Where does this insane drive come from I wonder?

Day 8 After feeling so despondent yesterday, decided to just do one small thing on my blog, rather than a great long list. Certainly a more positive mindset than yesterday so I’m pleased about that. Also have started having very vivid, but totally weird dreams. A great source of amusement!

Day 9 Feeling depleted and sick physically and mentally certainly makes me feel emotionally fragile. Figure it’s par for the course and fighting against it all is pointless. Have decided that learning how to surrender is definitely a better option. Now, how do I do that again??

Day 10 Taking myself out on a little excursion lifted my spirits enormously. Just the act of being able to do this for myself after 10 days of mostly just being at home, made a big difference. I just took it slowly and felt quite rejuvenated by the experience, let alone all the walking. Noticed that the sensory overload of sights and sounds eventually got too much though.


These few days have probably been my most challenging thus far, especially as far as how I’ve felt physically and emotionally. Being a typically emotionally stable person, it’s been a bit of a shock to observe the ups and downs of my emotions and my general fragility as my body goes through it’s healing process.

It seems the fasting process has almost taken on a life of it’s own, with me as an innocent bystander, while my body continues to do what it needs to do. A fascinating experiment that I’m finding very intriguing.

Next update available soon! :)