Fasting Log: Days 4 - 6

Welcome back! Below is the stats update for those who are interested:


day BP weight glucose ketones

4 111/63 57.5 kg 3.4 5.4

5 121/74 56.9 kg 4.1 6.0

6 105.63 56.3 kg 4.7 6.4



Day 4 It seems the insomnia has hit as I was awake for hours during the night. Left me feeling pretty blah! this morning. Did manage a good 2 hour nap during the day though so that certainly helped. The hunger has basically gone now and I’m starting to feel lighter as the kgs fall away.

Day 5 Feeling better today after a great night’s sleep, relatively speaking. Went out to the Boxing Day sales briefly this morning, which depleted my energy. Another big nap. Very slow moving now and some muscle weakness. A recent scar on my leg has flared up in discomfort again . . . perhaps part of the healing process? Feel a bit of nausea when I overdo things physically, but mostly OK. Still feeling chilled and my nose is starting to run.

Day 6 Feeling very mellow! Nine hours sleep last night . . . amazing after all the naps I had yesterday. Feel like I’m catching up on decades of insomnia. Unfortunately my sinuses flared during the night and I’ve had lots of blood clots discharging, although no throbbing in the face.


Day 4 Have found that doing any computer work ‘fries’ the brain. Apparently a lot of energy is expended through my brain activity, which makes me even more tired. When I’m awake during the night it’s like I can feel all the synapses firing away, not allowing me to rest.

Day 5 Because my brain was feeling weary, decided to stay off the computer today to see if that helped. Also, I’m getting alot of eye strain which doesn’t help anything.

Day 6 I’m noticing that my brain ‘bandwidth’ is noticeably smaller. Find it difficult to concentrate on anything, can’t make choices or decisions and basically want to be left alone! Even reading is too much right now. Belle is saying she just wants to rest fully, physically and mentally.


Day 4 Felt clearer in the head despite little sleep, so was able to be a little more productive. Getting things done always improves my mood.

Day 5 The mellow feeling from having some good sleep certainly has improved my emotional state. Although I’m starting to grow increasingly frustrated at not being able to plough ahead with all the things on my TO DO list as I’m physically lacking the energy. What to do about that?

Day 6 The return of my sinus issues has been bothersome. I’m trusting that it’s part of the healing process as I’m so over all this sinus problem that’s been ongoing since May 2018! Again, feeling more frustrated, which is not conducive to relaxation and taking care of myself.


I’m finding that as my body and brain get used to the fasting routine, some glaring character traits are surfacing. Mostly, my impatience with any sort of weakness of temporary disability in myself.

To not be able to force myself to get stuff done when I want to has been a shock and totally foreigh to me. Relaxation is not something I’m used to or particularly familiar with. Even this enforced time out from ‘doing’ is bringing on incredible frustration within myself. This is of course counterproductive to the whole process of healing, but I’m struggling to recognise how best to just take care of myself.

Will see how this pans out over the next few days.

Stay tuned for the next update! :)