Fasting Log: Days 17 - 21

Welcome back to the last of my fasting logs! You will notice that I ended the fast on the evening of Day 19, not Day 21. There were a couple of reasons I did this:

Firstly, I got a strong sense that it was time, energy-wise. Had been getting progressively weaker so for the first time I knew it was time to end the fast and transition into the re-feeding process.

Secondly, for a few days I’d been feeling the sensation of hunger in my throat (fluttery throbbing), which from my research is the truest indicator of hunger, not a rumbling tummy or feeling empty.

As usual the final stats update is below for those who are interested:


day BP weight glucose ketones

17 113/74 53.6 kg 4.1 7.6

18 114/68 52.7 kg 4.9 7.5

19 105/62 52.7 kg 5.0 8.0




Day 17 Insomnia has definitely been the worst symptom throughout the whole fast, with last night being no exception. Just lay awake, tossing and turning, for hours. Still feeling very cold today and not much energy. Can only do things in very short bursts of time before I tire and need to lie down again. Even speaking on the phone is exhausting. Sinuses nearly all clear, though taste in mouth is worsening as the fast progresses. Have noticed more skin blemishes again on my thighs, after my skin had cleared up about a week ago.

Day 18 I woke this morning with the feeling that my mouth was glued shut, so I’d obvioiusly not been moving for some time. Felt I’d had a sounder sleep with weird dreams, so start planning out all the things I could accomplish today. Then I get up and within 5 minutes I’m exhausted again. Noticeable increase in exhaustion, although I didn’t think it could get any worse than yesterday! What will tomorrow bring I wonder?

Day 19 Despite reasonable sleep again, my energy is just so depleted I knew it was time to re-think the ending of the fast. My ketones reading was also off the charts (meaning greater than 8) so thought that may be a little sign that it was time to end. I’d always maintained that despite having a set end time of 21 days, if I felt at any time to end sooner, then I would seriously listen to my body, which is what I ultimately ended up doing. I also developed during this last day an itchy rash on my back, thighs and scalp. Last of the detox process perhaps?


Day 17 Thinking, speaking and doing any computer work is very exhausting now, although I did manage another 3 Fasting Log updates. Yah! As I get weaker, it is getting increasingly difficult to push myself to keep going mentally. Have to remind myself that “It just doesn’t matter!”

Day 18 Decided that to be productive today I really needed to attempt the curation of photos project that I’ve been working on for a while. It involved getting down all the photos stored at the top of the linen cupboard, removing the photos, discarding frames at the op shop (eventully), then sorting what photos to keep and categorise them. Then I’ll be digitising them all, discarding the majority and only keeping a few of the most precious, old photos. A major undertaking, but somehow I thought I could do this today. Again, pushed through the mental fatigue and, with many rests in between, made a good start on the whole process. Amazed myself!

Day 19 Bit hard to focus on anything much when I am so exhausted from the most basic, routine activities. Getting up and dressed - yep, required another lie down! Figured this exhaustion was only going to increase so again, decided to let go of the 21 day fast end time.


Day 17 Even though I pushed through my flagging energy to get the 3 Fasting Logs written, I wondered why am I so driven to do this at the same time as the fast? I reflected on what is it that has driven me my whole life to keep pushing through, to keep going despite exhaustion, to ignore the overwhelming need of Belle to rest? Have no definitive answer yet, perhaps because I’m just beyond too tired to think about it.

Day 18 The mellow, sleepy feeling has returned, which actually has a beneficial effect on my emotional well-being. Find things just flow better as I keep surrendering through my exhausted state.

Day 19 Today was probably the hardest emotional challenge as I needed to face the feeling that I’d failed if I didn’t go to 21 days. My typical approach and focus on what isn’t done, completed or right, rather than on what I have accomplished already, really kicked in to full swing! Struggled big time with the whole failure aspect of not quite making it to 21 days. Had to weigh up the physical exhaustion against the emotional backlash of this perceived failure and decided that it was time to re-frame and let go of the perfectionism (again!!) To focus on my accomplishment and what I’ve learned throughout the whole process was essential in sustaining me emotionally on this last day.


So . . . I made it!! And to be honest, I think I did amazingly well overall. The exhaustion aside, my body has never felt so well - blood pressure down significantly, inflammation in joints gone, no headaches for 3 weeks and felt so much more comfortable in my skin.

So the next phase of this fasting journey begins at 6pm on the evening of this last fasting day. Will do one final Fasting Log update at the completion of the 10 day re-feeding program.

In the meanime, check out how to break the fast and do the re-feeding protocol.