Fasting Log: Days 14 - 16

Welcome back! Stats update below for those who are interested:


day BP weight glucose ketones

14 104/66 53.8 kg 5.1 7.6

15 110/62 53.8 kg 4.9 7.5

16 120.69 53.5 kg 4.9 7.3




Day 14 Feeling much more depleted energy-wise. Attempted an early walk but found it too much and heart was racing upon my return. Feeling so weary. Also, the 4 month-old scar on the side of my right knee has become quite bothersome with burning and stinging when trying to straighten the leg. It feels like the scar is continuing to stretch and widen, causing the discomfort. Using lots of Bio Oil to assist with the healing. More nausea today after drinking water, plus quite a few hunger pangs and generally lots of wind pain. You would think there would be no wind since you’re not eating, but I guess we still take in alot of air in the process of just drinking., which needs to be expelled eventually!

Day 15 Feeling quite exhausted overall today. Sleep continues to be very intermittent and poor quality. Sinuses relapse is continuing although not quite as bad as it has been. Hopefully it will start to ease off soon.

Day 16 Had a better sleep and dreamt again so feeling much better and more energised to start the day. Am mindful of not overdoing things during this last week and so I’m taking time to rest and laze about on the couch alot of the time. Am finally tired of just drinking water now and the unusual taste that has been in my mouth most of the time is really getting annoying and lingers despite lots of brushing and tongue cleaning. On a positive note, the sinuses are finally starting to clear, which is a huge relief. The weather changed to quite cool and boy, did I notice it! Was freezing most of the day, despite being in winter woolies, coat and scarf again. Goes to show just how much heat is generated by our digestive system doing it’s thing.


Day 14 Brain struggling to focus or concentrate on anything to do with the blog just now. Still needing to have a break from the computer generally.

Day 15 Again, totally lacking in brain energy or focus so have had to surrender and just let everything go. Simon has even come up with a mantra for me: “It doesn’t matter!” Not so easy for me to make fasting my only priority just now. We are all so used to having many, many priorities that refining it down to one seems counter-productive, even though the very definition of “priority” does mean ONE. Crazy huh!

Day 16 Again, sleep makes a huge difference to my capacity to think and be productive, so was able to spend some time working on the blog, but not in a harried, rushed way. Still enjoying mellow mode mentally and just going with the flow.


Day 14 Today was a special day of pampering for me, using some birthday gift vouchers for Endota Spa. I’d decided to visit the Terrigal Salon, just over an hour away, as the beauty therapist I’d used there before was exceptional with massage. Simon kindly drove me to the appointment as I would have been too weak to get there on my own. A lovely 2 hour full body treatment including a facial at the end. Pretty much wiped me out physically but a great boost to the emotional state!

Day 15 The biggest emotional challenge of this whole process has being able to surrender and let go of the MANY tasks I think need to be done in favour of leaning into the ONE priority, which is just being in the fast. Learning to just BE rather than constantly DO has always been a struggle for me, yet it’s certainly front-and-centre as I continue with the fast.

Day 16 Had a small outing to a newish organics supermarket to check out what was on offer as I begin to think more towards after the fast and re-commencing eating again. Feeling more motivated about food and transitioning towards vegan keto, another big change.


I keep reminding myself how far I have come in achieving this many days on the fast. Feeling really well - no aches and pains - and really enjoying feeling comfortable in my skin at my body’s correct size. A great feeling of having ‘come home’.

Next update is available soon! :)