Fasting Log: Days 11 - 13

Welcome back! Stats update below for those who are interested:


day BP weight glucose ketones

11 130/74 54.7 kg 4.1 7.2

12 107/62 54.5 kg 6.7 4.4

13 120/73 54.5 kg 4.5 7.6



Day 11 Again, very poor sleep quality leaving me so very tired. Today was New Year’s Day, the day I’d decided to launch this blog, but neighbourhood parties didn’t allow for much sleep. No success with naps today either. However, energy still seems to be there despite it all, so pushed through the fatigue and pressed the publish blog button by the evening. Yah!! Sinuses still ongoing despite sinus rinses and saline spray. Eyes extremely sore from eye strain at the computer. Legs feel heavier and slower to walk.

Day 12 More insomnia - what else is new eh?! Did manage a nap shortly after getting up so that helped. Thought I’d try taking some Gastrolyte to help with the the electrolytes. Well, within 30 seconds my heart was racing and I felt very light-headed. Plus I’d taken it before doing my blood glucose and ketones readings and interestingly, the readings were totally reversed from normal. Took a while for my heart to settle, but definitely not trying that again.

Day 13 Little sleep again, although felt very mellow overall. Napped in the late morning which always helps, including another crazy, vivid dream. Where do these crazy dreams come from? Eyes still sore, legs heavy, tongue and mouth feel fuzzy so brushing more regularly.


Day 11 Amazingly the brain came to the party and was cognizant enough to get the blog to publish stage. Extremely weary afterwards and I knew I needed to take a break from the computer for a few days. However, the brain was in super-overload and I couldn’t find the off switch!

Day 12 Brain still feeling very busy and in overload after the big push yesterday to get the blog done. Yeah, where’s that off switch again??

Day 13 Brain still weary from blogging so giving everything a big rest. Being in mellow mode has it’s upside as I really don’t care.


Day 11 Being in full-on production mode, I just kept on going, over-riding poor Belle’s nudges to take it easy and rest. Even though I achieved the end goal, I didn’t feel any great sense of accomplishment or thought of how we could celebrate this milestone. Again, it’s highlighted how I just keep on driving myself, always on to the next thing, without pausing to reflect on how far I’ve come. Just getting to launch stage is a massive undertaking for someone as non-techy as me, yet I struggle to acknowledge what it has taken to get there. Again, something else to be worked on no doubt . . .

Day 12 Took myself on another little excursion to see my chiropractor. Had to rest and close my eyes in the shopping centre for a while as a bit too weary. My chiropractor commented on how well my back adjusted, and thought it may be due to the water fast. Who knows! In observing the rush of people at the shops, I felt very disconnected from the whole hustle and bustle, like I was in my own little bubble of peace and calm, with no urgency to rush about at all. A very pleasant feeling for sure.

Day 13 Feel lovely being in mellow mode again. Like the world can just pass me by and I’ll just stay here and have a nap, thank you very much.


Have felt like the excess fat was a furry, winter coat that I’ve now been able to remove, to reveal my true body and self underneath. I think it’s actually timely that the blog was launched at the same time as this fast, as not only am I revealing my true body during the fast, but in blogging I’m revealing my true self. A great metaphor I think.

Next update is available soon! :)