Who am I?

I’m Christine, the creator of Simplify to Magnify.  And I am OBSESSED with finding the best, most efficient and the simplest way to do . . . well, basically EVERYTHING!!

I created Simplify to Magnify for women who are committed to finding the simplicity they crave in life and how to lean into living that life of simplicity, mindfulness and well-being. It’s for the woman who struggles to pull together that simple lifestyle and find her unique path, on her own terms, outside of the typical box.


My Journey

Little girl reading.JPG

I started my own simplifying journey as a young girl when I spent time during my school holidays reorganising my socks and undies drawer and cleaning my hairbrush!! YIKES!! (I know, I know … sounds kinda sad and pathetic!! Am I right??)

What I had stumbled upon without even realising it was that in the simple process of sorting and cleaning, somehow my everyday life felt calmer, more centred, with such a deep sense of contentment that has continued throughout my life.

And as I’ve matured and lived my life with all it’s ups and downs, there has been a slow, gradual realisation that how I have always done my life to relieve overwhelm, stress and chaos was through simplifying everything – both inside and outside.

As a lifelong learner of all things to do with personal development, including countless professional courses and trainings, I’ve come to realise that the tips, tools and techniques I’ve gleaned along the way may be of help to others.

So now I want to help YOU find that deep contentment and relief from ALL THE THINGS!


How I can help you

My hope is to inspire and encourage those who wish to begin their own journey to living a simple and fulfilling life, as well as providing savvy tips and practical suggestions for how to easily sort, curate and manage all areas of your life.

The topics I cover span the following 3 broad categories:

  • Personal Growth - your life on the inside

  • Well-being - your health and self-care

  • Curation - your environment on the outside

And for those who love to find out all the other random, fun facts about bloggers :)

I’m also . . .

Simon & Chrstine.jpg

A Kiwi-born Aussie with a hefty dose of Irish quirk!

Partner of Simon, a wonderfully, patient and generous man

Wig wearing, piano playing, line dancer

Proud mum of 3 adult children

Grammie of soon-to-be 4 grandchildren

Candid conversationalist

Disaster movie diva

Efficiency enthusiast

Life simplifier

Life coach


Freesia fanatic


And some of my fave things are . . .

  • Crisp mountain air and big, old trees

  • Cool weather and snow

  • Beauty in all things

  • Naming things - my car, plants, wild birds

  • Learning - anything and everything

  • Travelling - anywhere, anytime

  • Planners and writing lists

  • Jigsaw puzzles

  • Colouring-in

Check back in from time to time for updates :)