your life ... simplified.

Do you ever feel like you’re skating on the surface of your life?

That there’s just too much to do, everywhere, all the time?

Have you ever wondered if you could actually find an easier way to create the simpler, intentional life you’ve always dreamed of?

And I bet, if there was one word to describe your current feeling, it would be: Overwhelmed. 

Am I right?

But maybe you also . . .

  • Feel exhausted, and just plain distracted by everything there is to do

  • Feel isolated - you wish more people could relate to your current stage in life and understand what’s really going on below the surface for you

  • Need help figuring out what is that next phase in your life’s journey.

If that’s you and you are looking for inspiration, motivation and practical know-how to simplify your life . . .

WELCOME, you’re in the right place!

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hey there!

I’m christine nigh.

And I’m here to help empower you to find the relief and simplicity you crave - both inside and out.

You see, I’m a firm believer that by curating your life and environment and focusing on the best things, instead of all the things, you too can create a life with . . .

  • more health and less stress

  • more space and less stuff

  • more joy and contentment with less obligation.

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Personal Growth

what’s this all about?

Intentionally curating your life to lean more into simplicity, mindfulness, well-being and then crafting your unique life, outside of the box

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what will I learn?

Savvy and practical tips, techniques, tools and strategies to enhance all aspects of your life, your environment and your ultimate well-being



who’s it for?

The overwhelmed, exhausted and under-inspired woman who senses that the relief she craves is in having less stuff, less to do and less worries

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